We performed a bit of a rehab on the observatory in the summer of 2008. This is the observatory as it looks today.
View from the south. Adding a second entry door on the north side required rebuilding and extending the deck.
View from the west. At right, my ’92 Miata, which has 41,000 miles on it.
The UFO seen from the East-Northeast. I have a good view from west-northwest through north
and around to a bit west of south. I cannot see the southwest or the west.
Looking through the dome aperture from the northeast. Counterweight west-ish.
Door Closed. The hardware is solid brass. A dead bolt is traditionally installed
above a lockset. In this case, however, the lockset extended too far upward
and partially covered the dead bolt hole, so I reversed the two. As you can see,
it was still a tight fit.

Door open. The interior door trim is solid mahogany, which I admire for its beauty,
ease of working, and gentle aging. Finish is clear oil-based polyurethane.

The Observatory as it Appeared Before the Rehab
I like things with roofs that open!