Primordial Light: OUR SOLAR SYSTEM
Exploring our own back yard.
Relative to the size of the Universe as a whole, our Solar system is our tiny back yard. It takes about eight minutes for a photon of light to travel from the Sun to the Earth. It takes nearly 14 billion years for a photon to travel from the most distant reaches of the known Universe. That is a huge difference in scale. Nonetheless, on the human scale our Solar System is a big place, and its study is a major part of astronomy, for it still jealously guards many secrets related to its origin, its present state, and its future.
I don‘t have many Solar-System images because my primary interest is in Deep-Sky Astrophotography. But when a target of opporunity presents itself—a particularly large sunspot group, an eclipse, a bright comet, or a planet well placed for observing and photographing, I am likely to focus one of my telescopes closer to home.
Gray Line