Primordial Light: THE HOME WORLD
One might not think of a rainbow as being an astronomical phenomenon, but rainbows appear when starlight (sunlight) is refracted (bent) and reflected by water droplets.
I classify rainbows as optical, meteorological, and astronomical phenomena. These are photos of the most vivid rainbow I have seen. I edited these photos in Aperture
and Adobe Photoshop CS3 on a MacBook Pro where the photo was made and while the rainbow was still vivid in order to match, as closely as my vision allowed, the rainbow as I perceived it.
The photos were made at Gambrills, Maryland, within seconds of each other at 8:03 p.m. EDT on June 23, 2008. There had been a strong thunderstorm just a mile or so south of us, but it was raining only lightly
when I took these photos from just inside my garage door.
Gray Line
Gray Line